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New Executive Board Members – Call for Nominations


Our General Meeting at the 2021 conference is the first time when we will be holding elections for officers to join IATBLT’s Executive Board.  The following documents provide members with timely and detailed information:




Any member may be nominated (or self-nominated) for any of the positions.  Terms of office are for four years.  Current office holders may, if they wish, stand for re-election to the same or other positions for a further period of two years.


The first meeting of the newly appointed Board will take place at the conference (details TBC).  Those who are elected to positions will be asked to attend that meeting.


Nomination forms with one-page CVs need to be submitted to Nicole Ziegler, Secretary (, by midnight, 20 April, 2023, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time.


We look forward to receiving your nominations.  If, in the meantime, you have any questions about any of the roles and expected duties, please do not hesitate to contact any current EB member.

Summary of Statutes and Bylaws – Election of Officers
IATBLT Executive Board nomination form
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