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Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is an educational framework for the theory and practice of teaching second or foreign languages. Based on empirical research, TBLT adopts meaning-based, communicative tasks as the central unit for defining language learning needs, determining curriculum goals, designing activity in the (language) classroom, and assessing language competencies.

IATBLT vzw is an international and worldwide organisation of scholars interested in and active contributors to the field of task-based language teaching (TBLT). IATBLT vzw aims to promote principled approaches to TBLT, and especially to

  • (a) promote research, applications, and development of TBLT,

  • (b) help to disseminate results and resources, and

  • (c) promote international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the field.

IATBLT vzw aims to pursue these objectives using all the means at its disposal, in particular to:

  • oversee the running of an international conference on TBLT every two years, and

  • promote the dissemination of information by other appropriate means including its website.


All participants who registered for the last biennial conference automatically become a member of IATBLT vzw for a period lasting two years (until the eve of the next conference).

Those interested in becoming a member without having registered for the last biennial conference can become a member by sending an e-mail to and paying the membership fee. The e-mail message should contain name, address, date and place of birth, nationality and affiliation of the applicant. Until the next TBLT conference, the membership fee amounts to 20 USD; students pay only 10 USD (students should mention in their message at which university/school they are enrolled and should specify the program they follow).

The membership fee must be paid by bank transfer (cash or checks are not accepted) to the bank account of the IATBLT vzw.

Bank name: KBC Bank & Verzekeringen

Address: Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 15, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

IBAN: BE05 7370 4450 6875 ; BIC/SWIFT: KREDBEBB

(please mention “new member IATBLT + the name of the new member” in the message of your bank transfer)

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss.jpg

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

Indiana University Bloomington
Parvaneh Tavakoli.png

Parvaneh Tavakoli

Vice President
University of Reading
Goedele Vandommele.jpg

Goedele Vandommele

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Nicole Ziegler.jpg

Nicole Ziegler

University of Hawai'i
Claudia Fernandez.jpg

Claudia Fernández

Ordinary Member
University of Illinois Chicago

Youjin Kim

Ordinary Member
Georgia State University

Andrea Révész

Past President
University College London

Kornwipa Poonpon

Conference representative
Khon Kaen University
2022_UDM_Gabriel Michaud_qualité.jpg

Gabriel Michaud

Media Officer
Université de Montréal
Barbara Hinger.jpg

Barbara Hinger

Conference representative
Universität Graz 
Marije Michel.jpg

Marije Michel

Conference representative
Groningen University





MARTIN BYGATE, Lancaster University

JOHN NORRIS, Educational Testing Service

KRIS VAN DEN BRANDEN, Katholieke Universitet Leuven

MARTIN EAST, University of Auckland

ROGER GILABERT, University of Barcelona

KOEN VAN GORP, Michigan State University

BILL DUNN, University of Alberta

ALISON MACKEY, Georgetown University & Lancaster University

NATSUKO SHINTANI, Kobe Gakuin University

​MARTA GONZÁLEZ-LLORET, University  of Hawai'i

The new Executive board was ratified by the IATBLT members at the General Business Meeting during the 2023 TBLT Conference. 

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