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This text bank is central hub for teachers and researchers interested in sharing language learning tasks. Everyone can download tasks. Please share widely with your communities. As a member of IATBLT, you are able to submit tasks for publication on the site. You should have received an access code via email if you are member.

Tasks that are submitted are not immediately available. The Task Bank advisory board provides feedback on each task before it is published, offering a collaborative service to the field, and ensuring that every task on the Task Bank is a task (widely defined).

Please consider having your TBLT and L2 students use and/or submit to the Task Bank. We will be giving individualized feedback for the tasks that are submitted and providing an opportunity to share task-based work in a worldwide outlet. Please note that one needs to be members of IATBLT to submit a task; for students who are not IATBLT members and not interested in becoming members, their IATBLT member professor is welcome to submit their tasks on their behalf (there is a place to write-in the ownership of the task so it is not associated with your name if you did not create it).

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The Task Corner

A project by the Language Learning (LL) team in the Department of European Language and Cultures (ELC) at the University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). A growing repository of tasks ordered as posts by main skill practiced. They include a theme introduction and a brief description of the objective of the task. They are searchable by CEFRL level; modality (in-class, out of class, online, hybrid); goals; competences; type of task; type of input, output, and participation; and estimated duration.

The ENACT Web App: Learn Language through Culture

ENACT is a free web app from Newcastle University, UK. With the ENACT interactive player you can learn a foreign language through the foreign culture by carrying out a cultural activity – our app shows you how.  Learn Japanese while you’re making an origami boat or Turkish while you’re making a shadow puppet!


Your smartphone or tablet will talk you through the stages of doing the activity, with photos, text, audio and video to help. In this way you can learn something about a country’s language and culture before you visit it, understand more about the languages and cultures of the world and produce something beautiful! Learning by physically engaging in an activity brings the language and culture to life and helps cross-cultural understanding.


The learning experience is memorable as it involves touch and all your senses. Some activities have 360° videos and images which offer you an immersive experience. You’ll watch a video introducing you to the activity and culture, then learn the most important words. A video will show you in detail how you can carry out the activity yourself in your own home, then you can assess how much you’ve learnt, evaluate what you’ve produced and send messages to others in our online community.


The app was co-designed with a group of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the EU, so it is particularly suitable for helping to integrate these groups into EU societies, and for home country members to learn more about the communities in their local area. Immigrants can learn to create the host country’s cultural activities to learn about the language and vice versa. Secondly, immigrants can produce their own cultural activities in their own language using the authoring tool. People can also work online on building cultural activities with experts from the home country. These are then freely available for use by both community members, thus enabling mutual understanding and 2-way integration. 

Visit the website to find out how teachers can use the App, how it can be used for service learning and community engagement, and for cultural clubs and societies. 


Contact them at: 

Follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube . Use the hashtag: #EnactEuropa 

Access their newsletter 


 Linguacuisine  a free app based on TBLT now available


If you enjoy learning languages while cooking. you may want to check this app. Created with TBLT principles in mind. You can take part in an online community and add your own favorite recipes using the ‘recipe builder’ – the Linguacuisine authoring tool.


For more information, contact Paul Seedhouse at

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